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Poison Toads

Bufo Marinas, more commonly known as the Cane Toad or Marine Toad

In Central America, Texas, and parts of Florida there is a poisonous toad species called Bufo Marinus. Dogs like to catch these toads, but this upsets the toads, resulting in poisoned dogs. The dogs don't die - usually, but the symptoms are disturbing. Their skeletal muscles lock and the dogs are stiff as Popsicles for several hours. The toad problem is the worst in Florida, but toads are not indigenous. They were originally imported in an attepmt to control insect pests. Now, the toads, which lay thousands of eggs at a time, have become pests.

Someone brought 150 cane toads to the Hawaiian island of Oahu in 1932. By 1934, there were 105,000 cane toads on the island.

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