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Diet, Food & Kitchen Techniques

The fastest way to reduce lettuce, spinach and other greens to salad-size pieces is to simply chop the leaves with scissors in the salad bowl.

Oil your mixing bowls before mixing batter, and you'll find the bowls are much easier to clean. Oil measuring cups before measuring molasses, honey and other sticky liquids.

Cleaning the sinks: Sprinkle some baking soda and salt in the sink and mix a few drops of dishwashing liquid and scrub. Rinse it with white vinegar to freshen the drain.

Can't get your plastic dish-drainer clean?  Place it in your dishwasher with the soap and vinegar. It'll get really clean. You can disinfect your sponges, brushes, and other hard-to-clean items the same way.

Use white vinegar lemon juice, peppermint oil or hydrogen peroxide mixed with baking soda to clean and disinfect your toilet.

Need to deal with something yucky but don't have gloves handy?  Grab a plastic bag inside out, and you have an improvised glove that you can throw away when you're done.

Food: Trying to drink more water? Try adding a few drops of fresh lemon juice to the water. The water will become far more appetizing. However, the water will spoil, so drink it soon after adding the lemon juice.

In the bulk bins at the natural food store you'll find scoops or tongs to put the bulk food into plastic bags.  There's an cleaner, easier and faster way to get the food into the bags. Turn a bag inside out and wear it like a glove. Grab a handful of the food in the bin, and then turn the bag inside out.  The food will be in the bag, you never touched the food in the bin, and never had to struggle with the scoops and tongs.

When baking, toss a few potatoes or winter squash into the oven, or cook a pot of rice alongside. You'll save energy and generate leftovers.

Thinking you ought to eat less chocolate? Knowing this might help: The US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) considers chocolate acceptable for public consumption as long as there are less than 60 microscopic insect fragments per 100 grams (four ounces, or approximately one candy bar).

If you spin two eggs on a flat, hard surface, one raw, and the other hard-boiled, the hard-boiled one will spin much longer.

Last year 81 million Americans got sick from food poisoning and 9,000 of them died. The average American will get food poisoning 100 times in a lifetime. The symptoms are headache, sick feeling, diarrhea. Most people think this is the flu. To prevent food poisoning, clean all kitchen items with hot soapy water, wipe down counters, cutting boards, sponges, scouring pads (you can boil the latter two) etc. with hydrogen peroxide and  never leave food at room temperature for more than a few minutes, and never handle prepared food after handling raw meat or poultry.

Note: Hydrogen peroxide is great for keeping drains fresh and mold-free. Good for wiping down shower curtains and walls as well.

Fifty percent of all turkeys and 37 percent of all chickens that you can buy in grocery stores are contaminated with Campylobacter (food poisoning) according to the Food and Drug Administration.

2,700 people die per day of heart disease. The typical American male has a 50 percent chance of dying from a heart attack. The vegetarian American male has a 4 percent chance of heart attack death.

Researchers found out that women who work at home as housewives have a 54 percent greater chance of getting cancer than women who work at paid jobs. The hypothesis is that housewives are affected by the carcinogenic cleaning chemicals they frequently use.

According to a study done by The Harvard School of Public Health, women who drink at least one cup of coffee per day are more than twice as likely to get bladder cancer.

You can accidentally kill yourself by drinking over 40 cups of coffee in one day. The amount of caffeine is sufficient to cause respiratory failure.

In the early part of this century, Fletcherism was popular. It was an inexpensive diet of milk, potatoes, cereals and maple sugar, among other things. Most unusual about Fletcherism, however, was that you were supposed to chew each bite of food for a very long time before swallowing. Furthermore, you were to swish milk and other liquids around in your mouth for at least fifteen seconds before swallowing. The leader of this fad, Horace Fletcher, was quite healthy. In 1899, when he was fifty years old, he could outperform athletes less than half his age. For instance, he could ride a bicycle two hundred miles in a single day. And not a sleek ten-speed bike, but the machine of the day, a single-speed bicycle.

When rats were fed only 60 percent of the food they would eat if they could, they lived 40 percent longer than normal.

A study has discovered that people tend to eat 44 percent more calories when they dine with friends than when they eat alone.

For years milk has been prescribed for ulcers, but recent research finds that milk actually aggravates ulcers.

When the diets of inmates of a Virginia juvenile detention center were changed from typical sugary American junk food to natural foods - cereal without sugar, fruit juice instead of soda, etc., there were 56 percent fewer chronic offenders and 71 percent more well-mannered kids.  percent.

As everyone knows, the ingredients in packaged foods must be listed on the container. But what most don't know is that sub-ingredients of ingredients do not have to be listed. For instance within "natural flavors" or "hydrolyzed protein" often lurks mono sodium glutamate, MSG. Somehow, most often associated with Chinese restaurants, this food additive is found in most snack foods. Some scientists are now estimating that as many as five million Americans are suffering from headaches and other symptoms caused by innocently eating MSG.

Dieting may make you fatter. Your body learns to cherish food. When food is available, such as when you lose your willpower, you'll eat lots more. Many doctors are now recommending that you eat five or six small meals daily, rather than the normal three large meals. Eating this way can help with hypoglycemia.

Best Diet

Science and common observation have proven time and again that a low-sugar, mostly vegetarian diet gives you the most energy, longest life and most mental clarity.  Leonardo Da Vinci was a vegetarian, and was known not only for his intelligence, but for his strength. People used to come from miles around to witness his physical demonstrations.

"Yuk!" That's a common reaction to mention of vegetarian meals. It is not really like that. The best way to become low-sugar, low-salt, all natural vegetarian is slowly. My wife started making better and better meals for me, and sure enough, I slowly came to truly enjoy vegetarian meals, and find conventional meals quite unappetizing.

Tips for Transitioning:

* There are many natural, healthier substitutes for the things you love. For instance, there is a soy product that tastes quite like tamari sauce. Brewer's yeast power can taste great, and salty, yet is low-sodium. There is even a non-hydrogenated "butter" made from vegetable oil.

* Many grains are sweet and make great dishes. There are probably a thousand ways to cook rice, and a thousand tasty things you can mix with it.

* If salad is not your cup of tea, try experimenting with different dressings. Think of your salad as a holder for yummy dressing. Better yet, mix the following in a blender: olive oil, lemon, water and your favorite spices. Also you can add crunchy, roasted nuts, seeds, cheeses and/or hard-boiled eggs, turkey, tuna, etc.

* If you feel that fried foods are essential to your happiness, try to using olive oil, which is much better for you than most other oils.

* To replace refined sugar, use fruit juices, brown rice, barley malt and maple syrup or honey.

In conclusion, there are obstacles in learning to eat well. However, if you can eat well for just a couple of months, you will have more energy and just plain feel better. So much so, that you will actually seek out the good food by choice. You will start to feel a confidence when conversing with friends about food, and maybe even help them to eat better and live longer. Soon you will feel a pride in knowing that you have done something good for yourself, and will learn that you can actually, more easily make the major changes you have always wanted to make!

Eat well! - Jeff

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