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California Map - A picture puzzle map to help you memorize the State of California
California - Quiz
Cam Newton - Quiz
Cameron Diaz - Quiz
Campbell, Glen - Quiz
Canada: Montreal - Phraseblaster
Canon Rock - Video
Can't Sleep - A soothing little program
Car Repair - Quiz
Cara Delevingne - Quiz
Carano, Gina - Quiz
Carey, Mariah - Quiz
Carey, Mariah, Trailer - Video
Carmelo Anthony - Quiz
Carmen Electra - Quiz
Carousel - Video
Car Repair with Raccoon's Help - Video
Carrey, Jim - Quiz
Carrie Fisher - Quiz
Carrie Nation - Puzzle
Carrie Underwood - Quiz
Cars, Odd
Carson, Johnny - Quiz
Castro, Ariel - Quiz
Catapult, Human Water - Video
Cat Lady - Video
Cat Playing Piano - Video
Cats Being Annoyed By Parrots - Video

Cats, Domestic Cat Breeds - PhraseBlaster

Cats Loving Dogs - Video
Cat Quiz
Cat - Quote
Cat - Toilet Paper
Cate Blanchett - Quiz
Catherine Zeta-Jones - Quiz
Cavallari, Kristin - Quiz
CBS Sunday Morning: Charles Osgood - Phraseblaster
Celebrity Astrology - Quiz
Celebrities - PhraseBlaster
Celebrities, Weirdly Famous - Inspiring speedbook
Celine Dion - Quiz
Cello: Highway To Hell - Video
Cell Phones, Unusual - Video
Celsius - Instant temperature conversions: Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin
Cena, John - Quiz
Centenarian Fran Groh - Video
Centenarians: 100 Year Old Twins - Video
Centigrade - Instant temperature conversions: Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin
Centuries - Instant time conversions: Anything from nanoseconds to centuries.
Chains - Instant linear conversions: Anything from angstroms to light-years.
Chan, Jackie - Quiz
Channing Tatum - Quiz
Chapman Stick - Video
Chapman Stick Solo - Video
Charles Osgood - Phraseblaster
Charlie Chaplin - Puzzle
Charlie Sheen - Quiz
Chelsea Handler - Quiz
Chess: Queen of Katwe - Phraseblaster
Child Prodigy, 4-Year-Old Pianist - Video
Child Street Performer - Video
Chloe Grace Moretz - Quiz
Cho, Margaret - Quiz
Chopra, Deepak - Quiz
Chris Christie - (Controversial New Jersey Governor) Quiz
Chris Colfer - Quiz
Chrissy Teigen - Quiz
Christina Applegate - Quiz
Christina Hendricks of Mad Men - Puzzle
Christina Ricci - Quiz
Christmas Facts - Quiz
Christmas Lights - Video
Christopher Columbus - Quiz
Christopher Walken - Quiz
Christy Mack - Quiz
Churchill, Winston - Quiz
Cindy Crawford - Quiz
Civil War Photo w/Abraham Lincoln - Puzzle
Classical Guitar, Comedy - Video
Classic Movies - Phraseblaster
Cleopatra - Quiz
Clint Eastwood - Quiz
Clinton, Bill - Quiz

Clinton, Hilary - PhraseBlaster

Clinton, Hilary - Quiz
Clooney, George - Quiz
Close Vision Exercise
Clothing Hacks - Video
Club Passing - Beginning to advanced information on a form of juggling.
Colbert, Stephen - Quiz
Cole, Keyshia - Quiz
Colfer, Chris - Quiz
Colorado - Quiz
Colorblindness - Test and exercise for colorblindness
Columbus, Christopher - Quiz
Comedy, Advanced - Instant Comedy - Advanced Version.
Comedy, Ellen DeGeneres - Video
Comedy, Ellen DeGeneres' First Stand-Up - Video
Comedy - Instant Comedy: Write humor or just make your friends laugh.
Comedy: Victor Borge - Video
Common Descent - Epigenetics, creationism, evolution & common descent concept picture puzzle
Connelly, Jennifer - Quiz
Conrad, Lauren - Quiz
Container Ship Engine Room - Video
Cooper, Anderson - Quiz
Corgi on a Carousel - Video
Cosby, Bill - Quiz
Country Boy, Haygoods - Video
Couric, Katie - Quiz
Cowell, Simon - Quiz
Crawford, Cindy - Quiz
Crazy Frog - Video
Crazy On You - Video
Creationism - Epigenetics, creationism, evolution & common descent concept picture puzzle
Creative, Images - Odd pictures to fuel your creativity
Creativity, Do Schools Kill Creativity? - Video
Crews, Terry - Quiz
Criticism to Praise Ratio
Cruise, Tom - Quotes, facts, photos & oddities
Cruise, Tom - Quiz
Cubic Conversions - Instant volume conversions: Anything from cubic angstroms to cubic leagues.
Cuoco, Kaley - Quiz
Cups - Instant volume conversions: Anything from cubic angstroms to cubic leagues.
Cuss: Create a New Swear Word
Custodian, Honored - Video
Cycling Safety - Quiz
Cyrus, Miley - Facts and picture puzzle

Cyrus, Miley - PhraseBlaster

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